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Invoices and Receipts

To never lose track of your spending, we created the perfect place for you to upload everything to want to save for later

Drag and drop

Simply drag and drop your files or upload them automatically via e-mail export. Choose between your most prefered view: thumbnail, table or card view.

Data extraction via OCR

Use our high accuracy OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine to extract all the necessary info from your image or pdf. Optionally we can also do the digitization of your files overnight.

YoInvoice expenses feature-1
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Manage your suppliers

Save and edit the supplier information for further use.

Automatic Syncronisation

All the relevant information about your supplier is automatically stored and updated in your supplier section


Make use of the provided real-time insights about your customers and suppliers

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Payment Faciliation

Paying your invoices is now easier than ever!

One-Click Payment

Automatically generate a QR Code to pay your invoices directly out of your banking app without typing in additional information

Overdue Reminder

Forgot to pay a supplier? Our reminder will notify you of overdue invoices

YoInvoice expenses feature-3

What do I need to have on my invoices?

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