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YoInvoice cashflow feature-1

Reconcile invoices

Our AI powered recon engine automaticlaly maps your incoming or outgoing invoices with the relevant transactions.

Track payment from your customer

You will know right away when you get paid. The remaining uppaid overdue payment is be highlighted. Making AR collection easier than ever.

Supplier Payment reminder

The system will remind you when a payment is due. It can be configured and automated based on your payment strategy.

YoInvoice cashflow feature-1
YoInvoice cashflow feature-2

Real time business reports

Just like your financial statement, but realtime, without the manual work

Know your liquidity, all the time

Detect any leak or suspicious business transactions instantly. Keep an eye on your liquidity threashhold.

Categorised income and expenses

Category tailored for your business, >93% accuracy enabled by AI machine learning.

YoInvoice cahsflow feature-3

Planning and forecasting

Worldline 2019 Award winning AI forecasting. Fully automated

Fully automated forecast

Without any manual input, the system automatically detect your spending and earning behavior based on the past data of customer/supplier, frequency and amount. Automatically produce simulation on your specifc spending / earning behavior.

Plan, Budget and Controlling

Compare your planned cost/earning with your actual, setup differnet goals for the year to come.

YoInvoice cahsflow feature-3

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